Custom Dog Walking

K9 Playtime Academy provides peace of mind that your beloved dog is being mentally and physically exercised during the day, whether it is while you’re at work, out shopping or even just so they can enjoy exercise in natural surroundings with others of their kind.

To have a happy and well rounded pet, your dog must receive the correct level of mental and physical stimulation, hence we're very happy to offer all dog owners our customised Dog Walking and Training packages.

We are also very happy to offer individual training sessions for your dog whilst they are with us, this can be correct lead walking, recall, jumping up.... in fact, you name it, we can work on it and offer further follow up training & support for you. 

Dog walks are charged at £12 per hour. There is a discounted  rate if you require Monday to Friday walks and can commit to block bookings.

In summary, we can offer everything you desire for your dog during the day, be it training, walking, exercise or just a good blast with other doggy pals to break up its daily routine. 

Give us a call and we can arrange a tailored dog walking/training programme to suit your needs.