Bramble’s Puppy Treats Milkies 200g

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Bramble’s Puppy Treats Milkies 200g


Brambles has been doing some excellent training and as a reward, he has been enjoying some Milkies which contain chicken and salmon, his favourites! Not only does this make Brambles happy, but Milkies are also very good for him as they promote healthy teeth and bones.

Milkies are for pups aged 16 weeks and over and are shaped like the bones you see in cartoons and comic books.

‘My name is Brambles and I love my Milkies because I get them for doing good work in training and also, because I’m so cute, sometimes I get them just for looking cute. Which is all the time. They are also gentle on my tummy and I can feel my teeth and bones getting stronger every day!’

  • Wheat-Free – helps to prevent allergies (and associated scratching)
  • Chicken and Salmon – is nutritionally balanced and healthy
  • Strong Teeth and Bones – are vital for a dog’s development
  • Delicious – say no more! Your dog will show you what we mean!

 What’s in the bag? UK-sourced ingredients that are all-natural, unadulterated and wonderfully nutritious!
What’s not in the bag? Nasty artificial things like flavourings, colourings, preservatives and GM ingredients.

We suggest storing them where your dog can’t find them (they are simply too delicious to be left on the side) and PLEASE, always make sure there is a bowl of fresh water available wherever your dog is.

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Composition* Oat Flour, Dark Rye Flour, Dried Chicken*, Chicken Fat*, Dried Salmon*, Milk Powder, Garlic, Apple, Carrot, Mixed Herbs *12% chicken and salmon combined*Ingredients

Analytical Constituents Crude Protein 14%, Fat Content 14%, Inorganic Matter 3%, Crude Fibres 2%