Front with D ring 20mm clip range

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40sfront_copy with d ring.jpg

Front with D ring 20mm clip range


The D ring is placed securely in exactly the correct position on the dog's body so that the harness does not slip or move from side to side when a lead is attached at the front, particularly when the dog is trying to pull forwards or away from the handler. 
Also the D ring is high enough on the dog's front chest so as not to impede the dog's natual movement. 
Our unique design prevents the D ring coming unstitched or compromising the manufacture of the front piece should the dog be a very strong puller.

The XS (x-small) is the front part of a Perfect Fit Harness, and is suitable for puppies and adolescent small to medium sized dogs who have under developed shoulder muscles and who find the S front too baggy on the shoulders. It is exactly the same size as the S Front but the shoulder straps are shorter and are not adjustable.                                                                                                                        IT IS PARTICULARLY SUITABLE FOR YOUNG AND ADOLESCENT DOGS WHOSE SHOULDERS HAVE NOT YET DEVELOPED.        When the dog is older you will need to buy a size S front.

The S (small) front part of a Perfect Fit Harness is suitable for small to medium sized dogs. 
The M (medium) front part of a Perfect Fit Harness is suitable for medium to large sized dogs.

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Manufacturer - Dog Games Ltd - The original designers of this style of harness

Country of Manufacture - United Kingdom

Front Piece - 20mm + RING

Type of Padding - Fleece

Washing Instructions - Machine washable at Low Temperature - Do Not Tumble Dry