Top Piece 40mm clip range

top piece red.jpg
top piece red.jpg

Top Piece 40mm clip range


A PERFECT FIT HARNESS is constructed from 3 pieces (Top, Front and Girth) which clip together to make a complete harness. 

In the 40mm Range there are three sizes of Top pieces - L, XL and XXL; four sizes of Front pieces - S, M, L and XL; and four sizes of Girth - M, L, XL and XXL. They can be clipped together in any combination to fit a variety of different shapes and sizes of large and giant sized dogs. 

If a dog grows out of or chews a piece of their Perfect Fit Harness just look at the size label sewn on the reverse of the padding and order a replacement from those listed.

To make a complete harness you also need to buy a Front Piece and Girth Piece - they must all have 40mm Clips.

This is the top part of a Perfect Fit Harness, and is suitable for strong medium to large sized dogs. 

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Manufacturer - Dog Games Ltd - The original designers of this style of harness

Country of Manufacture - United Kingdom

Top Piece - 40mm

Type of Padding - Fleece

Washing Instructions - Machine washable at Low Temperature - Do Not Tumble Dry