Dogs & Storks® is the first International program that prepares families with dogs for life with baby. Answering the call of many parents, this program sets the groundwork for success, through education before baby arrives. The goal of Dogs & Storks® is to help expecting families learn how to set their dog and baby up for success through education and preparation.

Chrisanne is a licensed presenter of Dogs & Storks® , and the owner of K9 Playtime Academy. Chrisanne is excited and proud to announce the Oxfordshire kickoff of Dogs & Storks® which offers positive and practical dog and baby friendly solutions to help increase safety, success and fun.  Offering lworkshops or private consults for a more “hands on" detailed evaluation. 

Licensed Dogs & Storks® presenters help to address the concerns of parents, decrease the stress associated with living with an active baby or toddler, and increase the safety of all family members. Because presenters are not only educators, but also qualified professional dog trainers and behavior modification experts, they can design and implement management and training plans tailored to each family should the need for more in-depth intervention arise.  

This perfect program increases safety and success for dog and baby while decreasing stress and concerns for parents. 

What does this fantastic program cover?
•    Your pregnancy and your dog
•    Concerns about jealousy and acceptance of baby
•    Setting up your home environment for success and safety
•    The importance of inclusion of family dogs from the start in a safe way
•    The subtle body language of dogs
•    Preparing for introductions and beyond
•    New and fun ways to include your dog in daily activities
•    Ongoing support

Packed with helpful pictures, educational kid-friendly phrases, and supplemented by informative handouts, Dogs & Storks® is a resource that all new parents can enjoy and easily implement into their busy lives with babies and dogs. 

Frequently dogs are abandoned or re-homed due to a lack of knowing what resources and support is available.  Preparation makes all the difference in the world.  Dogs & Storks® provides consistent and current information through qualified, licensed presenters.  By addressing concerns or behavioral challenges up front, families can set proper expectations and practice new routines well before and AFTER baby arrives.

Providing this resource is what has motivated program creator Jennifer Shryock, B.A. CDBC, to create Family Paws Parent Education programs such as Dogs & Storks®  “I want to make education available even before they know they need it!”  Jennifer believes by offering Dogs & Storks® , this type of education will become as common as other baby safety and parent education classes classes.  www.FamilyPaws.com offers ongoing support  for new and expecting families with dogs!  That is tail wagging news for dogs everywhere!

Get in touch below to find out more information, host a Dogs & Storks®  class, or register for a class.

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