Welcome to the K9PA IMDT Partnership Grade Awards!

Looking to develop your current skills whilst learning about exciting new exercises?

Ready to take your training journey with Fido to the next level?

Then look no further...The IMDT Partnership Awards are here!

At K9 Playtime Academy, we’re all about innovation, so we’re really excited to share with you all the  IMDT course!

This popular course is a great way to wear your dog out, both mentally and physically and during our time together we will be progressing through a series of challenges.

As with humans, our dog's training and education does not stop at Nursery school - learning continues throughout our lives and so should your dog’s education. As a result we have designed our  IMDT Grade Class. The course is specifically designed to help you consolidate and review all the exercises that you and Fido have learned in our Foundation class (or if you have previously completed the KC Bronze Award) whilst still improving your dog's behaviour and preparing them for the real world. We achieve this by incorporating new distractions and adding distance and duration to the exercises thus helping you and Fido take your training to the next level. We require pups to have attended previous classes before enrolling in this class. 

During the IMDT course we will:

  • Consolidate and review games covered in your Foundation Course

  • Add distance, distractions and duration to previously learned games

  • Introduce emergency type behaviours

  • Introduce distance control behaviours

  • Look at desensitisation, handling and grooming games in more detail

  • Introduce new and exciting mental stimulation games through trick training, gun dog games, scent work and agility foundations

  • Introduce IMDT Partnership Grade criteria

  • We also cover the theory of how dogs learn and the how and why of our exercises. This aims to give you a better understanding of positive reinforcement methods and how you can teach your dog a complex skill by breaking it down into smaller steps.

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Why train with K9PA?

All our classes are based on positive, modern principles focusing on the human/dog relationship. We will cover the theory of how dogs learn based on scientific principles. This aims to give you a better understanding of positive reinforcement methods and how you can teach your dog complex and exciting new skills.

Chrisanne - Founder