Welcome to the K9PA Scent and Seek Course!

Ever wanted to teach your dog a great skill that’s not only practical but that’s great fun for you and your dog?

At K9 Playtime Academy, we’re all about innovation, so we’re really excited to share with you all the new Scent class running on Monday evenings from 7.pm to 8pm. We are also in the process of adding an additional class day and time and launching our Scent Detection Workshops!

This popular dog sport is a great way to wear your dog out, both mentally and physically. Each class lasts an one hour and fifteen minutes and during our time together we will be progressing through a series of challenges.

We’ll teach you how to train a passive indication, conduct and devise search plans, look at the importance of handling skills and so much more.

During the course you will learn how to teach your dog to passively indicate on a specific scent and you’ll see how your dog will learn and grasp these new skills. Dogs are renowned for their scenting capabilities, such as in medical detection, as rescue dogs, police work and if you train them right they could help you find your lost keys and items! 

We’re only accepting 6 dogs for this course due to the activities involved. Be sure to BOOK your space today to make sure you don’t miss out.

All classes last an hour and your dog would be learning and building upon scent work foundations. Classes are kept to a limited number of 6 dogs per class to ensure that there is plenty of practise :) Sessions are £13.00 and payable in a block of 6 weeks and are held in our indoor training venue Witney.

Fill in the form below and one of the team will be in touch soon to confirm.


Why train with K9PA?

All our classes are based on positive, modern principles focusing on the human/dog relationship. We will cover the theory of how dogs learn based on scientific principles. This aims to give you a better understanding of positive reinforcement methods and how you can teach your dog complex and exciting new skills.

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