Why a harness?

The ultimate walking harness

  • Easy to put on - clips around the neck, then swings between legs and clips either side
  • Safe for escapologist dogs - the neck hole can be made smaller than the dog's skull
  • Adjustable over shoulders, front of chest and around the girth
  • Front D-ring available for use with a double ended lead
  • Pieces can be replaced as your dog grows, if you want a different coloured top or if a piece becomes damaged or chewed
  • Ability to fit front limb amputees ("Tripawds")
  • Calming - snug fit reassures and relaxes many dogs
  • Enables dogs to put their head to the ground to stimulate their natural working and sniffing instincts for mental well-being
  • Prevents pain, choking and injury to the sensitive throat and neck area
  • Recommended by vets, trainers and behaviourists


CLICK HERE for the BREED CHART SIZE GUIDELINES, listing which size pieces are usually needed for all the different shapes, sizes and ages of dogs. The best way to use this Chart is to first measure your dog's girth (just behind its front legs) in centimeters - then look at the girth sizes listed above the Breed Chart. Choose which girth piece is best and then consult the Breed Chart for your dog's breed and it will tell you what sizes of Top Piece and Front Piece usually goes with that size of Girth Piece. Click on the suggested combination and it will take you directly to our web shop so that you can choose the colour of the Top Piece and whether it has a Front D ring or not.


The soft fleece padding prevents webbing straps and plastic clips rubbing against the dog's skin when it moves or pulls against the lead. The padding is made from high quality, super soft maching washable fleece and we have now introduced 5 more coloured tops across the Perfect Fit Harness Range, enabling our customers to change the colour of their dog's harness simply by unclipping the top piece and swapping it for another colour. This is particularly useful for winter walks or walks at night when you can swap to a High Vis top piece. There are now 11 colours of top pieces to choose from - Black, Blue, Brown, Emerald Green, High Vis Orange, High Vis Yellow, Pink, Purple, Red, Sky and Wine. Meanwhile the front and girth pieces are only available in Black.

The 3 pieces (Top, Front and Girth) clip together and are interchangeable so that any combination of size of pieces can be used. This enables us to construct a CUSTOM MADE harness that fits your dog perfectly with padding in all the right places.


No need to lift the dog's legs or put the harness over its head.
1 - The neck strap on the Front Y piece clips around the dog's neck (similar to putting on a collar but the harness lies on the dog's shoulders rather than on its neck).
2 - Then the Girth strap is swung between its front legs. Attach both Girth clips to the Top piece of the harness.

Because this harness is designed to fit ALL shapes and sizes of dogs, it is particularly suitable for puppies and young dogs. From the age of about 5-6 months onwards the young dog can be fitted with the Top and Front pieces in the "adult" size and has a smaller Girth piece while it is young. Then when it grows older and bigger you just buy a larger adult sized Girth piece.

This video shows how we are able to fit dogs with only one front leg with this harness. Please contact our office for help and advice on what size pieces to order.


If one part of the harness is damaged it can be bought individually, rather than having to buy a brand new harness. 


We have found that this snug fitting harness can often calm down and reassure over-anxious and excitable dogs, helping them to become more confident and relaxed (apparently working like a body or comfort wraps). These harnesses have been found to be very beneficial in many rescue centres, with recently rehomed dogs, and also with dogs showing various behavioural problems.


After extensive testing and many extremely happy customers, Sally Hopkins has the added the option of Front Pieces with an extra D ring placed at the centre of the dog's breast bone. This modification offers handlers the option of clipping a double ended lead to not only the top of the harness but also to this front D ring, enabling them to improve the steering of the dog and reduce or prevent pulling. 

The D ring is placed securely in exactly the correct position on the dog's body so that the harness does not slip or move from side to side when a lead is attached at the front, particularly when the dog is trying to pull forwards or away from the handler. 

Also the D ring is high enough on the dog's front chest so as not to impede the dog's natural movement when on lead. The ring is also high enough to prevent it getting caught in vegetation when running free. 

The unique design prevents the D ring coming unstitched or compromising the manufacture of the front piece should the dog be a very strong puller. 

Available in black in all sizes in the 15mm, 20mm and 40mm Ranges. 
Please note the front pieces with an extra D ring are not made in any other colour of fleece padding - just black.


We also stock Fleece Lined Collars in 10 sizes and 3 lengths of Fleece Lined Leads.