Would just like to say how great the classes are and it’s lovely to see your business doing so well. You can tell how much everyone enjoys it and for us, the most important thing is that it’s so obvious how passionate you are about the dogs - not every dog trainer is like that! You’ve got something really special and we wish you all the best with it - not that you need it!
— Rachel and Bonnie xx
Indy would get very overexcited in many scenarios but especially if he would see another dog and was not able to go up and greet it, this would manifest itself in barking and lunging towards other dog, he will now walk calmly and quietly past other dogs, even when he can’t greet them. I thought instruction was excellent, a nice relaxed atmosphere!
— Liz and Indy
We feel that we 100% received the individual attention and if I needed to know anything during the week I’d just email, to which I always got a reply! The training is practical, hands on training! We really enjoyed the fact that it is totally hands on, and you get given feedback individually, as well as homework to complete each week. Chrisanne also posts this on K9 Playtime Academy’s Facebook page so you can check back if you need to or ask questions and share experiences with others.
— Mark and Archie
We liked the positive approach to dog training with lots of games to make it fun for both the owners and dogs. Eddie is much calmer and can now follow basic command and is now able to walk off the lead with us and always comes back when he is called. He also now enjoys hide and seek games!
— Kate, Chris and Eddie
K9 Playtime Academy’s classes are different to other classes I have attended with my other dogs. The classes are the right size and tailored to the needs of the dog and the owner. With other classes I have felt they were too big and I didn’t really understand WHY we were doing certain things. At K9 Playtime Academy I do understand why and it means I can go away and practise with confidence. The instruction is excellent – everyone is comfortable asking questions because of the friendly atmosphere. I liked that classes are all about positive reinforcement, you are working towards a beautifully trained dog and the dog is having a fab fun time during the process.
— Julie and Stellar
Much, much better than my previous experience of training! Obi could work at his own pace, the exercises were short and varied, nobody minded if he barked, and – part of my reason for coming to class – there was time for the dogs to have some fun and to socialise with the other dogs in a relaxed environment. Obi is better at walking on the lead without pulling and seems less excitable and more relaxed when we are out. His behaviour is improving when we meet other dogs, and he is more responsive to commands.
— Alison and Obi
Chrisanne is excellent at dividing her time between group and individual training, and picking up anyone who needs extra help or a further challenge. Having been to classes before, it was better than I expected! Chrisanne has a really good range of exercises that are brilliant for basic “obedience” style training as well as helping with common “problem” behaviours . I have noticed a huge improvement in Ben’s behaviour – he knows his name! Eye contact and automatic sits are part of our everyday routine and he now has a near perfect recall. The two greatest benefits derived from the class have been, on a personal level, to have built up a better bond with Super-Spaniel Ben by having a plan to our training. His lead walking and recall have much improved which makes our walks much more enjoyable. Professionally it has been having a trainer that I can trust and can recommend to clients who need some guidance with their dogs.
— Rachel and super-spaniel Ben